IVAM joint booth at CMEF: Medical technology suppliers present themselves in October in Shanghai

15.09. CMEF 2020 has been postponed from April to October 19-22, making it one of the first major international medical technology platforms that will take place again under strict security conditions. This year, international high-tech companies with distributors and partners on site use the opportunity to increase their presence in the Chinese medical technology market.

Advisory Board member Prof. Uwe Kleinkes publishes book on Content Marketing from the perspective of SMEs

16.09. In the German book "Content Marketing für den Mittelstand - Mehr Sichtbarkeit im Markt" IVAM member companies report from their …

Hip prostheses: removing bone cement more gently with the laser

01.09. The Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. (LZH) is developing an endoscope-based laser system with which doctors should be able to remove …

Focusing on medium-sized businesses: producing nanostructures cost-effectively

09.09. How can structures smaller than one micrometer be generated? And how can even smaller structures of less than 100 nanometers be produced without great effort? Scientists at the Fraunhofer ILT …

Sensor patches as fitness trackers

03.09. The project XPatch is developing a flexible sensor system that can track biochemical information in real time. An international consortium is working on a new generation of diagnostic patches that …

Bringing 3D printing to the moon – Melting moondust under lunar conditions

13.07. The spheres appear inconspicuous – but they are unique. They consist of moon dust, molten under moon gravity.

Antimicrobial surfaces: symposium on innovative surfaces

10.07. The spread of SARS-CoV-2 brings the demand for antibacterial and antiviral surfaces increasingly into focus.

How nanotechnology can help solving water shortage problems

02.07. Nanotechnology can reduce the energy costs of wastewater treatment processes and make direct water-reuse both technically and economically feasible.

International conference QuApps shows status quo of quantum technology

02.07. The QuApps conference deals with the state of the art and the development of quantum technology. The international event will take place at Düsseldorf Airport from March 1 to 3, …

Micro dosing pumps in global use against COVID-19

16.06. Automated analysis devices are the essential basis for extensive test capacities for the new corona virus. Through parallel and faster processes, automation significantly increases the number of tests, saves manpower …

Let’s rethink plastic: nano-functionalization for smart plastics and paper based products

15.06. The FlexFunction2Sustain funding project is intended to support the plastics and paper processing industry in coping with ecological challenges on the way to the digital age.