virtual.COMPAMED: demand for medical technology is also strong in virtual space

25.11. COMPAMED and MEDICA, the world's leading marketplaces for the international medical technology industry and the supplier sector, took place in virtual format from November 16-19 due to the pandemic. 22 international companies and research institutions presented their product innovations under the umbrella of the virtual IVAM joint participation. 

Sensirion and TTP Ventus collaborate on high-performance microfluidics driver

18.11. Sensirion, the leading manufacturer of flow and environmental sensors, is pleased to announce its collaboration with micropump manufacturer TTP Ventus …

Hahn-Schickard produces PCR rapid tests for SARS-CoV-2

17.11. Within a very short time, Hahn-Schickard, together with the medical technology company Spindiag GmbH developed the PCR-based corona rapid test …

3D lithography enables production of monolithic, biodegradable 3D scaffolds of one cubic centimeter for the first time in under 1.5 hours

14.01. Using 3D lithography via two-photon polymerization, Multiphoton Optics has succeeded for the first time in producing a biodegradable, osteochondral 3D scaffold of approximately one cubic centimeter in less than one …

Open source in mechanical engineering: Häcker Automation opens up the micro-assembly platform OurPlant – for everyone

12.01. Häcker Automation now offers not only production solutions for micro-products, but also an opportunity to communicate, co-develop and grow together with the micro-assembly platform OurPlant. 

The size of a 1-cent piece: printed miniature loudspeaker listening into the future

07.01. In an additive manufacturing process, miniature loudspeakers can be produced efficiently and cost-effectively as part of piezoelectric microelectromechanical systems - so-called piezo-MEMS - using a combination of inkjet printing and …

Automated, optical surface metrology for development and production control of biomedical products

19.11. The miniaturization trend in medical and biotechnology is advancing rapidly. 

QuApps: Quantum Technology Summit in Spring 2021

14.10. Experts are invited to apply for a lecture or poster presentation until November 15, 2021.

Focusing on surface quality for life sciences

06.10. How can surfaces be structured for reliable results on lab-on-chip or microfluidic chips? Merconics and YES Yield Engineering achieve precise surface modification and cleaning. 

Focusing on medium-sized businesses: producing nanostructures cost-effectively

09.09. How can structures smaller than one micrometer be generated? And how can even smaller structures of less than 100 nanometers be produced without great effort? Scientists at the Fraunhofer ILT …

How nanotechnology can help solving water shortage problems

02.07. Nanotechnology can reduce the energy costs of wastewater treatment processes and make direct water-reuse both technically and economically feasible.