Halle 8a, Stand H19.4
"Electromag is specialized in the design, production and sale of high-speed, low noise miniature brushless motors for the medical industry.
The company has developed a significant experience in the field of medical respirators ranging from sleep apnea (CPAP) to critical care devices.
Recognized and appreciated for their outstanding performance and their high level of reliability, Electromag motors are found in prestigious applications and are used throughout the world by companies that are leaders in their industry.
Electromag is ISO9001 and ISO13485 certified."
Electromag is specialized in the design, sales and production of high-performance miniature brushless motors for medical and dental industries. Our patented winding technology allows us to offer smaller and lighter motors with top-level performance that enable our customers to present superior solutions by product differentiation. Our motors can run up to 100'000 rpm, remain ultra-quiet with no vibration, and reach efficiency up to 90%.


Brushless motors for high speed applications up to 100'000 rpm
Brushless motors used in noise-sensitive applications