MD&M West establishes itself as medical technology marketplace for international component manufacturers

For the seventh time, there is a joint pavilion organized by IVAM at the MD&M West 2020 and is thereby offering an opportunity for high-tech companies to step into the US medical market.
Source: OptaSensor GmbH, MMT GmbH, Micro-Sensys GmbH, STRATEC Consumables GmbH
At MD&M West in Anaheim - the largest American exhibition for design and manufacturing in medical technology - international high-tech suppliers meet at the beginning of the year. Among the approximately 20,000 visitors to the trade show each year are many developers and decision makers from the manufacturing industry. This also makes the trade fair a popular medical technology marketplace for component manufacturers from Europe and Asia.
At the international joint booth organized by the IVAM Microtechnology Network in Hall C, component manufacturers from Germany, Great Britain, Austria and the USA will present their products and services in the special exhibition area "Micro Nanotech" from February 11 to 13.

AEMtec GmbH provides next level technologies for complex, custom (opto-)electronic applications for medical applications. The company has a wide portfolio of high-end chip-level technologies, including wafer back-end services, chip on board, flip chip, 3-D Integration and opto-packaging for medical technology. The company´s range of services also includes an extensive suite of development services as well as the production of test equipment and series production capabilities.

Bartels Mikrotechnik GmbH will present several micropumps that pump liquids, gases and mixtures, even aggressive ones. The company will also show an innovation: the Genius-infu-pump. The intelligent system combines Bartels’ mp6 micropump with Sensirion’s LD20 liquid flow sensor. It allows flow rate regulation for different media with highest precision, regardless of temperature and viscosity, and features time-saving automatic data transfer with immediate documentation. A suitable Bluetooth device can be used easily for control. A cost-efficient concept that can revolutionize the drug delivery market.

CorTec GmbH enables the communication between the nervous system and technology by means of artificial intelligence. Based on the Brain Interchange technology CorTec is providing high-performance interfaces to the nervous system like electrodes in flexible designs, encapsulations and electronics with an unprecedented number or channels including a software for controlling the application. United in a complete closed-loop system Brain Interchange ONE or in custom design systems, this technology helps overcome current limitations of active implants.

HNPM Corporation's mission is the distribution of micro annular gear pumps (mzr-pumps) of HNP Mikrosysteme GmbH in North America. These pumps dose very small quantities of liquid fast and precisely and enable dosing volumes from 0.25 µl and volume flows from 1 µl/h to 1152 ml/min as well as pressures up to 150 bar. They are characterized by low weight, compact design, low pulsation, long service life, low dead volume and low shear delivery. Application fields are pharmaceutical production, laboratory and analytical technology, biotechnology, chromatography.

Micro Systems (UK) Limited is specialist in medical, biotech and optical micro-molding solutions including molds, plastic parts and complete systems for drug delivery, medical diagnostics, surgery and inhalation. Further capabilities include ultra-precision multi-cavity molds and nano-structuring, manufactured in high and medium quantities to suit the customers requirements.

Micro-Sensys GmbH is a worldwide known company in the field of technically sophisticated RFID technology in the HF and UHF frequency ranges. The development and production is located in Germany. The portfolio for the medical market segment is broadly diversified and potential applications are versatile: labeling of surgical utensils, sterile containers with sterilization-proof RFID transponders, intelligent sample identification and temperature monitoring with sensor data loggers in autoclaves, smart low-power RFID read/write devices or security and access applications for computer technology.

MMT GmbH develops and manufactures components and systems for medical and microsystems technology. These include, for example, micropumps, complex microfluidic devices, biochips, micro sensors and micro valves. MMT also works as a development and integration partner for customers in the medical, biotechnology, nanotechnology and chemical and pharmaceutical industries. MMT also offers cost-effective production of complex components, functional prototypes and tools using various manufacturing technologies such as laser sintering.

Multiphoton Optics GmbH offers the high-precision 3D printer LithoProf3D for additive, subtractive and hybrid manufacturing as well as prototyping and engineering services. Clients worldwide from industry and research get support for further improving and creating novel applications. In biomedical engineering high-precision 3D printing enables the production of novel endoscopes and catheter scopes for minimally invasive surgery, micro-optics for biomedical devices, implants such as scaffolds for regenerative medicine, microfluidics and components for filtration and separation.

OptaSensor GmbH has established expertise in the field of photonics integration, design and manufacturing of specially tailored small factor visualization and sensing solutions for medical applications. Offering specialty cables, including shielded twisted pair, wafer level optics technology, single replicated optics, custom optic filters and optical prisms. With a vast supplier network and qualified Asian manufacturing capabilities, OptaSensor is the right partner for camera module miniaturization at a very cost-effective price.

Osypka Medtec Inc. is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and is dedicated to working with medical device manufacturers and suppliers to manufacture innovative, high-quality product solutions. Osypka has the capability to design, develop, validate and manufacture finished medical implants, including AIMD.

Custom-designed components from SCHOTT can enable next-level reliability and completely new designs of medical devices and active medical implants. These include feedthroughs for batteries and electronics, autoclavable Solidur LEDs and connectors for surgical devices, as well as ultra-miniature chip-size packaging offered by SCHOTT Primoceler for implantable devices. SCHOTT’s hermetic sealing technology enables transmission of power and data signals while providing gas-tight protection for highly sensitive electronics.

STRATEC Consumables GmbH is a leading OEM supplier of smart polymer-based consumables to the in-vitro diagnostics, life sciences and medical technology industries. With its certified production facility and a global logistics network, STRATEC Consumables covers the entire value chain, from development via production and quality assurance through to logistics.